Zoom Toothpaste Tablet - (Refill-Pack)
Zoom Toothpaste Tablet - (Refill-Pack)
Zoom Toothpaste Tablet - (Refill-Pack)
Zoom Toothpaste Tablet - (Refill-Pack)
Zoom Toothpaste Tablet - (Refill-Pack)

Toothpaste Tablet - (Refill-Pack)

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Toothpaste Tablets

Peppermint Added Fluoride 62's


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Brushd. Dental Toothpaste Tablets are an alternative to the toothpaste we are all used to. They have been specially formulated to make sure that no compromise is made on your oral health. They will leave your teeth clean and feeling minty fresh.

Our refill packs are the perfect way to upcycle the toothpaste tablet glass jars! Our refill packs come in recyclable packaging and packed in compostable bags. Order a one-off box or subscribe and save to make sure you never run out of tablets. 

Available in 124 Tablets - Peppermint or Fresh Mint Flavour.

Xanthum gum, Sodium bicarbonate, Kaolin, Xylitol, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Micro Crystalline Cellulose, Dicalcium Phosphate, Silica, Peppermint Oil Powder (Sodium Fluoride 1450ppm)

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The alternative to toothpaste we’ve all been waiting for

Do Gooders

For every subscription, we plant a tree (yay!)

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"Your teeth will feel clean and fresh"

Fresh Flavour
Plastic Free
Fresh Flavour


Do you offer refill packs?

All of our toothpaste and mouthwash tablets are available in refill packs so that the glass jars can be up-cycled.

Do you offer a subscription service?

Yes - We offer a subscribe and save option.

How do you recycle your toothbrush heads?

Each pack comes with a pre-paid compostable pouch, so that the heads can be returned to us when they come to the end of their life. The heads are then separated by composition, shredded and melted ready to be made into new products

Where are your tablets made?

All of our tablets are made in the UK.


All online orders placed by 12:00 (GMT) Monday to Friday will be dispatched the same day.

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Our toothpaste tablets are so simple to use


Bite down on your toothpaste tablet.


With a wet toothbrush for 2 minutes.


To watch it foam up like magic!


Twice a day, every single day.

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