We understand that while we’re happy to switch toothpaste tablets or mouthwash tablets, some of us may still prefer to use electric toothbrushes. Thats why we offer our customers a headache and cost free solution to correctly recycling our electric toothbrush heads. 

Once your electric toothbrush head has done its time, just return them to us using the pre-paid eco friendly compostable envelope and we will do the rest. 

This way we can make sure they are recycled correctly and do not end up in landfill or our oceans. 

Re-Cyclable Electric Toothbrush Head


Brushd. Recyclable toothbrush heads are compatible with Oral-B* Electric Toothbrushes. Just return the brush head to us using the pre-paid compostable envelope enclosed with your order and we will recycle the heads correctly.