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Helping Our Planet One Product at a Time

The majority of toothbrushes today are made from plastic, and dental floss is coated in it. It is thought that every single piece of plastic ever produced still exists in one form or another. Given that we’re supposed to change our toothbrush every three months and floss every day, that’s a whole load of plastic just adding to the problem. That's why our dental care products are eco-friendly and aim to reduce plastic waste.

Toothpaste Tablets

All natural formula, conveniently sized, plastic-free, and great for our environment. The healthier alternative to toothpaste tubes that you've been looking for.


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What our customers say

Katie H.

Cant recommend these tablets enough. Leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh.

Kevin G.

Nice to see an eco-friendly alternative to toothpaste that doesn’t compromise on your oral health.

Goli N.

Took me a couple uses to get used to it, but can’t imagine going back to normal toothpaste.

Buy One Toothbrush, Give One Free!

We’ve teamed up with two amazing charities and with your help, we donate toothbrushes to those without access to this basic healthcare need. Each time you buy a toothbrush, we gift one on your behalf!


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