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Q&A with Dr Kevin Gracias - Dental advice during lockdown.

Q&A with Dr Kevin Gracias

While I stay at home, I find I’m snacking a lot. Should I be brushing my teeth more than twice a day?

It’s important that if you are snacking, try and snack around the three meal times. If you find yourself snacking in between meals, its best to avoid snacks with excess sugar.

I have toothache, should I go the hospital?

Anyone who is registered with a dental surgery should be able to contact them and speak with their dentist to get advice. The dentist can issue remote prescriptions where necessary. If there is a procedure that can be carried out while avoiding aerosols, then patients can be seen. For example, in the extreme scenario where a tooth extraction needs to be carried out. If an aerosol generating procedure is necessary there are centres which can carry out the procedures, but the first port of call should be calling your dental surgery.


I’m experiencing tooth sensitivity, what should I do?

The cause of tooth sensitivity can be varied. Try and avoid very hot or very cold foods which can cause increased sensitivity. If the sensitivity is very uncomfortable then you should contact your dental surgery.


My gums bleed when I brush my teeth, what does this mean?

There are various reasons which may cause bleeding gums during brushing. Generally, this is a sign that your gums aren’t being cared for. The most common cause of bleeding gums is harmful plaque. Try to improve your oral health by making sure you brush twice a day and floss on a daily basis. If you are noticing regular bleeding gums it is advisable to contact your dentist.

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Q&A with Dr Kevin Gracias - Dental advice during lockdown.