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What Happens When You Skip Brushing Your Teeth?


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We’ve all been there. It’s been a long work day and the kids are finally fast asleep. The belly is full, the jammies are hugging you just right, you are snuggled up in bed and found the perfect spot for the Zzz’s.

Right before you doze off your nagging brain reminds you that you forgot to brush your teeth. This minor inconvenience becomes tempting to roll over and ignore the bathroom all together. But what are the real consequences of skipping brushing your teeth? 

Well you probably reluctantly know the answer but we’re here to make it official. Brushing your teeth twice a day, everyday, is essential. Need convincing? Here’s what happens when you skip brushing those pearly whites.

Here are some things that can begin to occur in your mouth when you go without brushing:


  1. Plaque Buildup: Plaque is that yellow sticky deposit that coats over your teeth. It is easily removed from the surface of the mouth and between the teeth by daily brushing. If plaque isn’t removed daily by simple brushing, it can turn into tartar – the hard, yellowish substance that forms in between your teeth. This can cause complications and bleeding in your gums and leave you at risk for tooth loss.
  2. Tooth decay: The bacteria in your mouth can put you at risk for tooth decay when you allow it to build up and can even lead to more serious conditions such as cavities or gum disease.
  3. Bad Breath: Morning breath is a common issue and we have all experienced it one time in our lives. On the other hand, constantly leaving your mouth unbrushed can cause that harmful bacteria to spread, and it can even cause halitosis (chronic bad breath).

So is skipping one day really that bad?

  • Day 1 of No Brushing: Every Time you enjoy your meal or sip on a cool drink, bacteria mixes with it causing plaque to form on your teeth. Brushing your teeth helps to remove this plaque and prevents it from building up. That bacteria build up (even after one day) is also what causes bad breath. 
  • Within a few days: of not brushing your teeth, the plaque on your teeth can start to harden into tartar. This can start the destruction of your teeth’s enamel, (the teeths outer layer) leading to cavities.
  • What Happens After a Week: Going a week without brushing may have everyone noticing…. Your breath will take a turn for the worst and your mouth will feel fuzzy from the plaque. The plaque on your teeth will continue to build up without being brushed or flossed off. Then, it will keep breaking down the enamel, cavities will form and the early stages of tooth decay may set in.


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Obviously the timeline is a tad bit dramatic but as you can see, it’s important to commit to brushing your teeth even if your bed is the most inviting thing in the world at that moment in time. It takes just two minutes and your teeth (and partner) will love you for it.

If it really feels like a chore, be sure to invest in an electric toothbrush. Even though you have to still get up and make the action happen, at least the toothbrush will be doing some of the heavy lifting. Our electric toothbrush comes with a timer too so you can be sure two minutes is all it takes before you jump into dreamland. 

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What Happens When You Skip Brushing Your Teeth?